New Website! Introductions

Wow. So I’ve finally gotten my business website done and launched online. Not really sure what to write for my first post, so I figured I’d introduce myself and my business.

Hi! I’m Carolin Petersen. I am a recent graduate of the Writing and Publishing Program at Okanagan College, and I’m a book editor and designer. Since I live in British Columbia, Canada, I mostly use Canadian English, but I’m also adept in American and British English as well.

My main genres are Fantasy and Science Fiction, though I am excited and willing to branch out to other areas of fiction. Historical fiction is a new thing for me, and I enjoy a good, strong memoir as well. I’ve also been expanding into a bit of Mystery and Crime, but Horror and/or gory fiction isn’t for me.

As of this post, I’ve already begun working with a BC local author, Tony B. Richard, on his new science fiction novella series, Earth’s Secret Alliance. He’s just published his first book, Roswell First Contact, for which I am the editor, designer, and publisher. Together, we worked with cover designer Alex Perkins, of PerkyVisuals, to make regular paperback and ebook versions. Tony is also very passionate about inclusivity for his readers, so we’ve made available a Large Print Dyslexia-friendly version of the book as well.

My favourite part of this job is book design. While I’m still not an expert in photo editing, I’m skilled in both interior and cover design for books. I love exploring a book’s aspects and coming up with the perfect design to match its tone and rhythm. Jason Dewinetz, a writer, editor, typographer, and proprietor of Greenboathouse Press has been a big inspiration to me. He was my professor at Okanagan College for the majority of my time there, and he helped me fall in love with the careful craft of book design.

Other things I enjoy doing are hiking, watching movies with my family, and obviously, reading. I have a massive TBR list just waiting on my window shelf, and I’ll be posting my book reviews once I’m done.

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