Book-Themed Recipes

I’m an avid reader, but I’m also a cook, and I love to try out the food from different books or series that I enjoy reading. Here are my top five picks!

1. Butterbeer

From: Harry Potter

There seem to be dozens of Butterbeer copycat recipes out there, but the basic ingredients are all the same: cream soda, butterscotch syrup, and whipped cream for the topping. Some recipes call for other ingredients such as extracts (of different flavours) or butter, some even require cooking while others don’t, and I’m sure you can adjust these recipes to suit your personal tastes, but for now, here are links to some recipes I found:

2. Blue Cookies

From: Percy Jackson

From my favourite book series growing up, the famous blue chocolate chip cookies that Sally Jackson always makes. The idea of these stemmed from an argument between Sally and Percy’s first stepfather, Gabe, about whether blue food exists or not, so Sally went out of her way to buy and make blue food of all sorts. Nothing much is different about these cookies aside from the colour and the amount of love put into them.

3. Lamb Stew with Dried Plums

From: The Hunger Games

This is a book series that I only recently got into, but I found it hilarious that on live television, the first thing Katniss could think of was how impressive the food was, given that she’s spent her life hungry and watching people around her starve. This, of course, is her admitted favourite dish, so I’ve found some recipes for it.

4. Ambrosia and Nectar

From: Percy Jackson

A second Percy Jackson recipe, I know, but as it turns out, Rick Riordan himself has a recipe for them on his website. Here is the link. I will DEFINITELY be trying them!

Recipe from Rick Riordan’s website

A fan of the series has also created some recipes, so definitely check them out!

Fanmade Nectar & Ambrosia Recipe

5. Faerie Plum Truffles

From: The Mortal Instruments

As this is another popular fantasy/supernatural series I read, I went looking for Shadowhunter recipes and found this. It took a bit of digging to find the recipe, but here it is.

Faerie Plum Truffle Recipe

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