The Good, the Bad, and the Undecided

Editing and Interior Design

The third book of the Earth’s Secret Alliance series, The Good, the Bad, and the Undecided is an alternate history novella continuing the story of what really happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Front cover, designed by Alex Perkins [PerkyVisuals]
Regular paperback version
Large Print paperback version

Major General Greg Newman has always been self-centered and opportunistic—even using WWII as a stepping-stone to advance his career. Now that the war is over, he’s looking for a new way to add more stars to his shoulders.

Soon Greg is approached about a secret mission spying on a superior officer and a classified research facility. He hopes this job will land him that quick promotion but has reservations about surveilling this officer. Voicing his concern is only met with not-so-subtle threats.

Now entangled in a diabolical plan, Greg questions which boundaries he’s unwilling to cross. If he doesn’t jettison his morals entirely, then his career will surely go down in flames. Greg must decide who to trust, and that becomes a choice between a quick promotion, or saving his country—and maybe even the world.

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This book is so far my personal favourite of the series, as I enjoy what we did with Greg’s character arc throughout the story. This book is, admittedly, less sci-fi and more military fiction, as reflected through the cover.

The specific services I provided for this book are:

  • Editorial Assessment & Developmental Editing
  • Copyediting
  • Interior Design/Formatting

The first step in turning this idea into a proper story was figuring out what it is trying to say. With my editorial assessment, I outlined the strengths and weaknesses of the story, as well as offered suggestions for the big picture ideas for Tony to rewrite. After that, we were able to focus on the details such as laying out individual scenes, setting up characters, and breathing life into the story as a whole.

Once that whole process was complete and the story had gone through several runs of editing, rewriting, and beta reading, I was able to go through the entire thing with my eye out for spelling errors and the like, and then it was time to begin designing.

As this is the third book of a series, the design remained generally the same, with the only changes being the content itself. And again, like with the last two books, I created a regular print version, using Arno Pro, a dyslexic version using a dyslexic-friendly font, a large print version, and an ebook version for Kindle readers.

Author: Tony B. Richard
Editor & interior designer: Carolin Petersen
Cover: Alex Perkins
Typeface: Arno Pro & Kallisto

978–1–7781914–4–2 (ebook)
978–1–7781914–5–9 (paperback, regular)
978–1–7781914–6–6 (paperback, large print)
978–1–7781914–7–3 (paperback, dyslexic)

Available in Regular, Dyslexic, and Large Print versions, in Kindle & Kindle Unlimited, and in Audiobook

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