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The second book of the Earth’s Secret Alliance series, Negotiations is an alternate history novella continuing the story of what really happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Front cover, designed by Alex Perkins [PerkyVisuals]
Regular paperback version
Secondary paperback version

The Zalmen have arrived on Earth hungry for collaboration. But they’re about to lose their appetite.

In 1947, a peaceful day at home for talented negotiator Ryan Wilcox is rudely interrupted by a phone call from the president. With the help of General Jones and Malcolm Dow, he’s to arrange an interplanetary alliance. It’s an opportunity that Earth can’t afford to miss. The aliens offer knowledge that will speed up Human advance by hundreds of years.

But as with any friendship, the beginning stages require a delicate approach. And there’s one issue of “delicacy” that threatens to turn their partnership into an outright war.

Will Ryan the wordsmith rise to the challenge and find common ground?
Or is it the end of life as we know it?

Check out Book 1 here.

Author: Tony B. Richard
Editor & interior designer: Carolin Petersen
Cover: Alex Perkins
Typeface: Arno Pro & Kallisto

ISBN 978–1–7781914–0–4 (ebook)
ISBN 978–1–7781914–1–1 (pbk, regular)
ISBN 978–1–7781914–3–5 (pbk, large print)
ISBN 978–1–7781914–2–8 (pbk, dyslexic)

Available in Regular, Dyslexic, and Large Print versions and in Audiobook

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