Getaway Girl

Book Cover & Interior Design

This is a project assigned in early 2021 for FINA 202: Advanced Publication Design for Professor Jason Dewinetz. A total of six different mock-up covers were made for this assignment, but it eventually fell to the cover seen here, which depicts the narrator of the poems.

This book was designed to stand out, and even the dimensions attribute to this, being irregular at 4.75in x 9in. As a book of poetry with short lines, a taller, narrower page size was better suited. The typeface Chapman was chosen because of its Romantic era feel with its rounded terminals, rationalist axis, and thin serifs. For the cover, the type is an elegant script with long loops, reflecting on the airy yet flighty nature of the narrator, who, in the end, runs away from her problems rather than facing them.

Furthermore, the graphic is a representation of the narrator, a girl growing from childhood to her early adult years. The chain-link fence acts as a cage and symbolises the grittier aspects of growing up and losing one’s innocence. The narrator is no stranger to sex and unsavoury behaviours, after all. Still, the orange in the background grounds this cover back to the colours of an Okanagan autumn.

Poet: Laisha Rosnau
Typefaces: Chapman, Suave Script Pro
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

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