Editing & Proofreading

Hello. My name is Carolin Petersen, and I am the owner of Tigerpetal Press. I also do all the editing and proofreading myself. My experience in editing is mostly Fantasy and Science Fiction, but I’ve dabbled in Crime/Mystery novels, Personal Memoirs, and even basic website text.

My current big project is with author Tony B. Richard on his alternate history Science Fiction series, Earth’s Secret Alliance. Check out my work on his first book here.

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On top of paid freelancing services, I love to read and give back to the indie author community, so I offer my beta reading free of charge. I will typically take longer to beta read a book, as it is less of a priority than paid work, but when I do, I write a full report and send it back.

I also offer free book reviews. Again, this takes longer than freelance work, but I will write a full review, leave a rating on all platforms that I am able to, and I will post the review to my own website and share it on my social media.

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Book Interior Design

And finally, my favourite part of books—the design. Each design is unique to your book, in sync with the genre and tone of your story. I use Adobe InDesign, and I am skilled in producing print books, ebooks, and specialty book versions (dyslexia-friendly and/or large print).

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Book Cover Design & Promotional Material

While I am also skilled in book cover design, I also work closely with a professional designer named Alex Perkins from PerkyVisuals.
Check out his website here.
He offers premade covers and custom covers, and the full package includes several promotional images as well. He is a delight to work with and I definitely recommend him!

image by Alex Perkins
image by Alex Perkins
image by Alex Perkins