a publisher of local BC authors and poets.


Submissions are open February, May, August, and November.

What Tigerpetal Press is Looking For

Tigerpetal Press publishes single-signature chapbooks containing poetry or short stories. Four times per year, we accept submissions from BC-local authors and poets to be granted a publishing contract, fulfilled within 6-12 months of acceptance.

Average print run: 100 hand-stitched books.

Acceptance and rejection emails will be sent out within the first two weeks following the submission period.

How to Submit Your Work

All submissions are free. Please limit yourself to one manuscript per submission period. Must be a British Coumbia local resident.

Incorrectly submitted works will not be considered.

First check whether submissions are being accepted (February, May, August, November) and if the focus of the month matches your work (short story/poetry). It also helps if the requested theme also lines up with your work.

Ensure that your work matches the submission guidelines (check the submission example). It should be in PDF format with a title page including the following information:

  • Name of author/poet
  • Address of author/poet (must be a BC local!)
  • Preferred contact method (phone number/email address)
  • Title of work
  • Word count/line count

The work text should begin on the following page.

Format short stories in Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced with a 0.25 inch indent.
Format poetry in Times New Roman, 12 pt font as well. Format the poems’ spacing as your desire.

If you are submitting a short story, please keep it within the preferred word count of 1250-4000.
If you are submitting poetry, limits are looser, but a recommended length is 10-40 poems, or what you believe would fit within a book of maximum 40 pages. Include the overarching theme of your poems on the title page.

Submissions Schedule

February 2023

Type: N/A
Theme: N/A
Selected Submission: N/A

May 2023

Type: Poetry
Theme: N/A
Selected Submission: Warp and Weft by Carla Stein

August 2023

Type: Short Stories
Theme: wholesome; life lessons; family
Selected Submission: Beyond the Map: A Falkland Tale by Matthew Heneghan

November 2023

Type: Poetry
Theme: recovery; healing; personal growth
Selected Submission: TBA

Tigerpetal Press Prior Publications

Not So Pretty Haiku

Isabella Mori
December 2022

Warp and Weft

Carla Stein

Beyond the Map: A Falkland Tale

Matthew Heneghan

Terms & Conditions of Publication

(a condensed version)

Author/Poet Rights

The author/poet grants Tigerpetal Press the non-exclusive rights to publish their work in the formats agreed upon within the contract. This right includes the power to incorporate the work into other pre-existing compositions, and to use the work in future compilations.
The author/poet retains all other rights to their work and is free to submit excerpts of the work elsewhere after 6 months of publication with the stipulation that first publication by Tigerpetal Press must be acknowledged in all online or other reprints.

Use of Author/Poet Information

Tigerpetal Press agrees not to voluntarily disclose any private, confidential, or personal information the author/poet has provided, without author/poet’s prior consent.
Tigerpetal Press will be sharing promotional material of the work prior to publication, including without limitation:

  • announcement of chosen submission,
  • cover reveal,
  • in-progress designing or stitching, and
  • book launch and event dates.

All material shall be shared and discussed with the author/poet prior to online posting.

Modifications to the Work

The author/poet agrees to allow Tigerpetal Press to modify or edit the work in cooperation with the author/poet. Such changes include, without limitation:

  • Grammar, syntax, spelling and/or punctuation corrections;
  • Removal of any material that encourages or advocates violence or terrorism, racial or religious hatred, or criminal activity; and
  • Modification for the purpose of improving the overall quality of the work.

Royalty Payments

The author/poet will receive a small honorarium according to discussed print run, upon publication.
The author/poet will receive 10% of the full print run as discussed in lieu of further payment.